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founded 1996

Llewellin Setter 
Breed Page
Fully Recognized Breed on January 1st, 1996

IPDBA H/F IrishKing Bondhu Ashly

Breed Charter

Rules set fourth by the National Llewellin Setter Assoc. 'NLSA', for registration in IPDBA.

Permanent Registration

Applicant MUST supply the registry with the following minimum requirements for permanent registration in IPDBA.

If already litter registered with IPDBA , just follow instructions provide on filled out and signed IPDBA Blue Puppy Registration form with $10 Registration fee. Add $10 for 5 generation certified pedigree at time of registration.

Transfer Registration

1. Transfers allowed from another recognized Registry, AKC, FDSB, CKC (Canada),
    KC  (UK)
and others recognized by them. Signed filled out Transfer Application must
    include a copy of a 5 generation
certified pedigree and $15. Transfer registration fee.
     Ad $10 to receive an IPDBA 5 generation certified pedigree.

2. Provide Three (3) clear color photos, of face/front, left side, and right side of dog. 
3. Provide copy of certificate of microchip.
4. Dog Must be tattooed with minimum of three Tattoo numbers or letters. (Many use the
    last three
or four digits of Microchip numbers for tattoo in ear).
5. Five generation certified pedigrees available at time of registration or transfer for $10
$15 for pedigrees purchased at a later date.
6. A dogs registered name must be made up of three separate words consisting of no
    more than
35 letters and spaces total. No duplicate names or numbers are allowed.
    Exception; for suffix of
Jr., II, III, etc. will not count if space allows.
7. Mandated that when a component of the "Dashing Bondhu" (aka Scinn Amach,
Cloncurragh and Horsford), is mated with any other component
    (bloodline/s), the offspring
cannot carry the name "Dashing Bondhu" or just 
    "Dashing" or  just "Bondhu" as
part of it's name. Including all dogs transferred.
8. No Transfer Registration if any "Straight Creek" bloodlines or any dogs owned or
    bred by Bob
Bailey (aka Bob's Straight Creek Kennel) are in it's pedigree or in it's     
    ancestry. All dogs owned, sold, bred, by Bob Bailey are considered to have
    questionable pedigrees.
9. No Transfer Registration of
any dogs who the IPDBA Genetics Board has determined
    to be a likely carrier of one or more inherited genetic disorders.  This includes all
    pedigrees with "Count Gladstone Wind'em D'Hurlain Pre", and/or dogs with
"D'Hurlain" as part of their name, Wind'em bloodlines imported from Belgium
    from breeder
Marie Thérèse à Goës  by Keith Smith of Lynn Hill Kennel. 

10. All registrations issued with the right to correct or revoke reserved by IPDBA.

New Kennel Special
(Limited time offer for 1st time Kennel Transfer) 

Dual Register your whole kennel with IPDBA and SAVE!

Transfer up to 10 dogs or litter registrations from another registry and register your Life-Time Kennel name registration for only $100.00 Total  ($100.00 Savings)

Each additional dog or litter sent in with the above is just $5.00 each. 

Five generation pedigrees available for each dog for just an additional $5.00 each when sent in with above paper work.

Litter Registration

All Litters MUST be registered. Applicant must supply the following for Litter registration.

1. IPDBA Litter Application must be filed out and signed  by both owner of sire and
    owner of  dam
IPDBA Litter application with $10 litter registration fee.
2. Dam, MUST be registered with IPDBA before or at time of litter application and must
    meet all
Permanent Registration requirements.
3. If Sire is not IPDBA registered and is not going to be IPDBA registered, a copy of his
papers and 5 generation certified pedigree must be provided with every
    litter he sires.

4. No Litter Registration if sire has ANY "Straight Creek" bloodlines or any dogs owned
    or bred by Bob
Bailey (aka Bob's Straight Creek Kennel) are in it's pedigree or in
    it's ancestry. All dogs owned, sold, bred, by Bob Bailey are considered to have
    false pedigrees.
5. No Litter Registration of
sires who the IPDBA Genetics Board has determined
    to be a likely carrier of one or more inherited genetic disorders.  This includes all
    pedigrees with "Count Gladstone Wind'em D'Hurlain Pre", and/or dogs with
"D'Hurlain" as part of their name, Wind'em bloodlines imported from Belgium by 
    Keith Smith
of Lynn Hill Kennel.  

Recommendations to Breeder's

Please tattoo and microchip each pup before placing them in their new homes. It is very difficult and expensive for individual owners to get their pups tattooed and/or Micro chipped and protects you from the buyer switching pups and/or making false accusations about the pup not being the correct pup.

The ideal and most reasonable tattoo equipment available for tattooing small pups that will remain readable when they are adults, is available at www.bassequipment.com  .  We recommend using green ink (roll-on or paste) and tattooing them with three digits at 5 weeks or older ( most breeders tattoo the last three digits of the microchip number.

We also recommend Micro chipping every pup before placing them. We recommend the he Mini-Pro  ID Microchips (smallest microchip) are available direct wholesale from Microchip ID Systemes at www.microchipidsystems.com and are automatically registered to you the breeder and you can contact a person if the pup is lost and found. Buyers can easily register the chip in their name online for just $19.95 for a Life-Time.

If you purchased a Setter pup without Tattoo or Microchip or are transferring a Setter to IPDBA, it is actually cheaper to purchase the Tattoo 0-9 numbers, ink and a microchip yourself using the above companies.


1. Only a "Llewellin Setter" bred with "Llewellin Setter" will result in "Llewellin Setter"

2. A "Llewellin Setter" bred with "Russian Llewellin Setter" will result in "Russian Llewellin
    Setter" offspring.

3. "Llewellin Setter" bred with a "English Setter", will result in "English Setter" offspring.

Allowable out-crosses

Gun Dog Certification
The International Progressive Dog Breeders’ Alliance has set up a Gun Dog Certification system for various sporting dog breeds. The owner must supply a VHS or DVD formatted video of the dog meeting the following requirements with a copy of the dog's IPDBA registration papers to IPDBA Office for inspection with $25 non-refundable inspection fee (subject to change). 

Pointing Breed Requirements:

Basic Requirements are Searching, Pointing, Retrieving without other dogs, and then Backing (honoring another pointing dog).

Video footage must show 

1. The dog by their self coursing (working the field) in search of live game bird/s without
    other dogs.

2. Dog must then locate live game bird/s by pointing and holding point on there own
    until bird/s are flushed by
handler or hunter. 
3. The video must also show handler or a hunter shooting at least one game bird over the
     same dog by their self and the
same dog retrieving fallen game bird to handler or  
“hand” (drops will not pass inspection unless dog picks up bird and delivers
     it to the hand without any aid from
handler or hunter). Dog may be called during

4. The video must also show footage of same dog backing (honoring point) of another
     pointing dog or a silhouette cut
out of a dog pointing, for a minimum of 1 minute. 
5. These actions may be recorded consecutively or separately in sections in the video, but
     each requirement must be
clearly shown at least one time in a section of video and no
     section may be edited. 

Dog must NOT be wearing any electrical training devices like electronic shock, tracking, or beeping collars and must not have any restraints such as leashes or check cords on them while in the field, only regular dog collar with name plate or tag are allowed.

No other dogs may be in field while dog is shown searching, pointing, or retrieving and only one other dog may be in field while showing dog backing (honoring point). 

If approved, a Certificate of Accomplishment will be sent to dog's owner and dog will receive the title of Gun Dog Certified and title letters ‘GDC’ will be added to IPDBA data base in front of dog's name and the GDC title will be recorded on all future pedigrees with their name highlighted in red.

Please note that VHS/DVD sent to IPDBA will not be returned and all video footage and copyrights will become the property of IPDBA. Video will be kept for proof of Gun Dog Certification and IPDBA will have all rights to show, sell, advertise, use, or profit from the complete or portions of the video without compensation to the applicant, photographer, or owner. 

Dogs may also be inspected by an approved IPDBA inspector. An inspector may not inspect his own dogs or dogs he or she is the breeder of or are owned by friends, family members, or business associates. 

IPDBA has the right to reject any application and approve or disapprove an inspector at time of application.

IPDBA may accept a Gun  Dog Certification awarded by certain approved inspector, trainer, organization, or registry. Email IPDBA for approval before sending application. To received IPDBA Gun Dog Certification, an application for IPDBA GDC must be sent with a copy of the prior approved Gun Dog Certification certificate with $25. Fee to IPDBA. On approval, an IPDBA Gun Dog Certificate will be sent to owner and dog we received GDC title. GDC title will be added to dogs name on all future registrations and pedigrees.

Please Note: Even if a dog is Gun Dog Certified by an inspector, trainer, other organization or registry, it does not mean the dog is "IPDBA GDC". They MUST have receive an "IPDBA Certificate of Gun Dog Certification" to be a IPDBA GDC and receive the title. The IPDBA GDC Logo may ONLY be used by breeders and kennels who have "IPDBA" GDC titled dogs. It will be considered "FALSE ADVERTISING" by IPDBA Ethics Board, if the IPDBA GDC logo is used on websites without official IPDBA GDC titled dogs and should only be used on them.

IPDBA Llewellin Setter
Breeder/Kennel Listing

IPDBA accepts breeders/Kennels for this listing in good faith and who are in good standing.  IPDBA accepts no responsibility for any unethical sales or dealings or for the health of the puppy or dog purchase. Any complaints should be filed with the Breed's Charter Association. Kennels listed are all in good standing with IPDBA. Kennels are listed in alphabetical order.

Hrt of Oak Setters, LLC.

King Llewellin Setter Kennel

Lyon King Llewellin Setters

Mountain View Llewellin Setter Kennel, LLC.

Thomas Hollow Llewellin Setters

This is a free listing for Breeders/Kennels who breed IPDBA registered Llewellin Setters ONLY. Must not be selling or have links to any dogs not registered with IPDBA. If your kennel raises only IPDBA registered Llewellin Setters and would like to be listed and linked, please contact IPDBA.
Please note: This is not a complete list of all IPDBA breeder's/kennel/s raising IPDBA Llewellin Setters.

IPDBA Breeder Awards
Names listed in alphabetical order.

Master Breeder

Michael J. Bloodgood

Alfred O. King

Grand Master Breeder

Michael J. Bloodgood

Alfred O. King

Supreme Grand Master Breeder

Michael J. Bloodgood

Honorary Life-Time Breeder Award

Michael J. Bloodgood

Alfred O. King

Llewellin Setter 

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